Highly qualified staff at your disposal to offer prompt and reliable assistance


The company philosophy considers customer satisfaction as global objective and consequently also customer’s problems solution, by arranging for the whole necessary technical and commercial support, guaranteed by highly qualified staff being fully at customer’s disposal right to offer prompt and reliable assistance.

The Customer Service takes care of orders and delivery schedules processing, monitoring product development throughout the production cycle, logistic management and after-sales assistance.


Our logistic center offers various services, among which:

- Availability of safety stocks for finished parts, when agreed accordingly, also conceived as consignment stock in warehouses located close to customer’s premises.
- Goods handling using bar code system and applying FIFO criteria, determined automatically by the data system.
- Deliveries based on customer’s forecast.
- Handling of special anti-deformation packaging solutions and/or returnable packing units.
- Electronic data interchange (EDI).