Company Profile

The business of Italstock Srl consists of co-engineering, manufacturing and selling technical articles and drawing parts in elastomeric materials, designed mainly for automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic, household appliance and industrial fields.
The company has been working in this field since the eighties and is located in a very industrialized area, standing out for significant tradition and experience in industrial seals manufacturing and in all linked activities.
The business is supported by a remarkable business capability, made of competence, passion for one’s job and continuous aptitude for improvement.
Italstock is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 Standards.

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Know how

Over the years, Italstock developed a considerable know-how in the design of sealing elements for various applications, offering a concrete support in the co-engineering and co-design activity with competence and expertise, thanks also to the most up-to-date working and engineering technologies with which we are equipped.

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Thanks to his consolidated experience and to excellent co-engineering resources, Italstock is specialized in the customized product. In a context of maximum willingness and flexibility, the work team is able to provide customer with all necessary support for the engineering and development of his own products, in compliance with specific norms or international standards, and addressed to a wide range of applications.

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